Why not Tokyo?

Pissing it up in a nightclub with people of the same nationality all night and spending the next day like crap, throwing up in a mediocre hotel room. Only to do it all again the next day.


Experiencing a combination of culture, history and technology while meeting people from all continents, walking though shrines and eating unique foods.

I know what I’d rather do.


I have been to Japan once a year since 2014, and genuinely the only word I can describe this country with is magical. Which, I know sounds childish, but I suppose I do feel childish when I visit, because everything is so alien that you naturally begin to ooze curiosity.

Even going to the supermarket turns into an adventure: “what’s that?” “what the fucks this?” “eh?”. You’ll be surprised at how confused you’ll be looking for the most basic items. But it’s great.


I wish that people going abroad for the first time, alone or with friends, would consider venturing out to Japan over Ibiza or Zante. Stay in a hostel and meet unusual people, be inspired by them and learn from their stories. Try to pick up a bit of the language, or talk to local people. Going to Malaga is like being in fucking England.

Plus, you could even end up spending the same amount, or less, than you would staying in Europe if you work out ways to be savvy. Looking at the apps on this blog post could help you do just that.




One Reply to “Why not Tokyo?”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your opening paragraph! I always see on Facebook the videos of people fighting over sun beds in crappy hotel resorts in Spain. When for the same price they could travel that little bit further and have a much better holiday.

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