Top 5 Travel Apps


There are so many hotel apps, but the same hotels can cost much more on other websites and 9/10 times Agoda comes out with the cheapest price. Below are the prices (Tax included) for two nights at the same hotel – on both Expedia and the hotel was almost £40 more!? Exact same room, Exact same nights.


Hostel World:

Agoda doesn’t always show hostels, so when you’re looking for the absolute cheapest accommodation then it is worth looking on Hostel World. Also, if you use them enough they’ll send you freebies; I got a bag, notepad & pen as well as a selfie stick!

Can never go wrong with freebies…


Maps Me:

An App that you can download maps on and use offline. Especially handy for days out on mopeds or cycling as the app directs you just like google maps but you can download huge chunks of map and not worry about buying a Sim Card or Data.


This app works everywhere, but in Thailand it is illegal. People still use it, and it is cheaper than local apps like Grab Taxi, and there is no punishment for using it. Uber is very cheap compared to taxi’s everywhere and makes life a lot easier to get from A to B without your own transport.

On the Road in Japan

Sky Scanner:

The best way to book flights. You can search through whole months which show the cheapest flights everyday. We managed to find return flights to Tokyo with a days stopover in Rome for £280, where flights are normally £500.









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