Tokyo: Street Food

I can be rather apprehensive when it comes to street food, especially in another country. And you will certainly never see me munching on a tentacle on a stick. Ergh.

But Japan is known for its mouth watering cuisine and the street food is no different. With plenty of options for meat lovers and vegetarians, Asakusa serves as a great place to pick up some street food in-between exploring shrines.

A Street Food Stall in Asakusa

You choose the meat you’d like and the stall holder will grill your pick. The meat tastes great and albeit very similar to the street food you can pick up in Thailand, it tastes much more fresh and juicy.

Beef tongue is known as a specialty in Sendai, where my brother lives, and is characterised as chewy but flavoursome, but beef on a stick is more my style.

Street Food Stall
Stalls in Asakusa

For the sweet teeth there are plenty of options too, my favourite being the chocolate bananas, and still a reasonably healthy snack too.

Every colour banana imaginable…
An out of focus banana and the Tokyo Sky Tree 

Can’t really go wrong with a chocolate banana while observing the Tokyo Sky Tree from afar, surrounded by shrines…



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