Hanoi: A Box Hotel

Hanoi is a backpackers haven; With bustling traffic, peaceful lakes and the makings of a coffee lovers dream, it’s hard not to like this city.

There’s no doubt that Vietnam’s Capital is popular for backpackers in SE Asia, and I have stayed in my fair share of cheap hostels and hotels here. The most interesting I found was the Hanoi Box Hotel.

If you’re travelling as a couple, for just £4 each you can have your own little ‘box’. Think of Japanese Capsule hotels, but with a higher ceiling and this is pretty much that.


The Family Box
Halong Bay: Not far from Hanoi

Cosy, clean and comfy. It beats sharing a dorm full of snoring, sweaty fellow backpackers and for the same price you can’t really go wrong.

As you enter the door you have the climb straight onto the bed, which acts as a floor of the ‘box’, and we shoved our luggage on the bunk above us of the ‘family’ pod.

This hostel has a shared bathroom which was surprisingly clean and I never had any problems splitting the use of it, or encountered anyone in my towel on the run back to the box.

The Hallway

Also, this hostel is greatly located in the Old Quarter – which is where you want to be in Hanoi – Just walking distance from Hoàn Kiếm Lake and surrounded by plenty of shops.

Would you stay in the Box Hotel?


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