A Hong Kong Guesthouse

When traveling, I find Agoda will usually have the best prices and this was no exception in Hong Kong. Which lead me to find the Safari Guest house. Located on Nathan Road, a popular location a little like the Oxford St. of Hong Kong, this guesthouse we managed to get for £18 a night.

A short walk from the Guesthouse.

It’s rather common knowledge that living spaces in Hong Kong are tiny due to the population but we never expected such tiny space.

Apologies for the mess, and I know you can’t see much in the picture but honestly this was the best angle I could get considering the room size. That little bit of floor is the only bit of floor and you’re within reaching distance of the toilet.



Despite this I would totally recommend Safari Guesthouse, purely due to location. Compromising comfort for a great area means saving money as well as time, and it will encourage you to spend the least amount of time moping around in the hotel room!

This price will fluctuate depending on the time of year, but for Hong Kong it’s very cheap, particularly due to where it’s situated. There are a few similar style guesthouses along Nathan Road and I would encourage staying in whichever is the cheapest in this area when booking, as they are all pretty much identical. If you’re on a tight budget even an extra £5 a day can make a difference.





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