Hong Kong: Ngong Ping Mountain

When I initially decided to visit Hong Kong, I hadn’t pictured vast mountains and beautiful landscape. I pictured towering buildings, neon lights and a bustling city.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the peaks below us as we flew in and my favourite day trip was spent in the Ngong Ping village in the mountains, with plenty of attractions and incredible views.


We had originally intended to take the tram through Victoria Peak, but after joining the que we weren’t prepared for the wait. The lines went on forever and it was too hot to be dealing with…

So after some googling, we came across Ngong Ping 360 -a cable car experience which takes you up to a temple in the mountains.

The price is roughly £20 which is a pretty decent price for what you get although Trip Advisor offers a package deal for £50 that includes a day pass for the Metro and a round trip to Ngong Ping which I’d recommend.

You can find the deal Here.




There were so many photographic opportunities on this trip from start to finish and there is so much to see that it’s hard to take it all in. The cart takes 25 minutes each way and gives a great view of the bay as you leave the skyscrapers and enter Lantau Island which is covered in greenery.

When you arrive there are plenty of known restaurants – we ate at subway (yeah I know, but it was the cheapest option!)  – and plenty of souvenir shops. But as you enter the ‘Walking with Buddha Experience’ your surroundings become increasingly traditional and you’re immersed into a Buddhist Paradise.


It’s a fair walk to get the the Buddha, and jesus, we were sweaty when we finally got there. Those steps are a struggle when you’re as unfit as us, particularly in the sweltering sun. We visited dead in the summer and it was unbearably hot.

But totally worth it.


I would definitely suggest visiting Ngong Ping, it’s worth the money even if you’re on a tight budget. There’s plenty to see and do and you could easily spend the whole day wandering around.

But don’t forget to wear plenty of sun cream, trainers and a sun hat. Or you’ll definitely get sun stroke…



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