Lessons I’ve learnt about Eating Abroad

The main thing I’ve learnt so far is to watch how much you’re spending on food because we made some awful decisions out of hunger.

When in Amsterdam, there was a giant ‘sea palace’ – a floating Chinese restaurant. We weren’t there for long and decided yeah why not let’s go to this place it looks interesting… Check the menu first before going anywhere. We didn’t, and the cheapest thing on the menu was £30 for one person. And by the time we’d sat down, ordered our drink and looked at the menu we were too embarrassed to leave.


I think there’s two things to learn from this.

  • Always check the bloody menu, especially when you’re on an incredibly tight budget.
  • We need to grow some balls.

We should have just walked out, but although we were embarrassed, we were also starving, which is another lesson in itself…

Bringing food around with you is really important, get some little bits from a supermarket; crisps, sandwiches, a chocolate bar, just so you’re not starving. When Dom and I are hungry we make the poorest of decisions…

Or for lunch in general super markets are a great idea in places where eating out isn’t that cheap. We went and bought baguettes, cheese and ham for lunch and made a little picnic. Although maybe a little messy it’s sooo much cheaper! It’s pretty fun looking around foreign supermarkets too.

Although don’t take it too far like we did. On our trip to Japan we spent every day eating pot noodles for lunch. At the beginning of the trip I loved pot noodles…

Now, not so much.


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